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About Us

ROI delivers programs that build strong leaders who are critical voices around opportunities and key issues facing rural and northern Ontario. ¬†We do this by delivering transformative leadership programming, facilitating key partnerships to address rural priorities, and by informing and connecting rural communities through evidence-based analysis, data products, events and curating expert insights. ROI’s mandate to foster critical dialogues around issues that matter to rural Ontarians is the core philosophy for creating new ways to engage and connect.

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What Drives Us

Our Mission

ROI Connect is an online gathering place that offers rural communities, across this beautiful province, a place to come together and share ideas, give voice to issues important to them and ultimately mobilize change.

ROI Connect also offers a transparent means for participatory democracy where communities and individuals are empowered to influence change in their communities by access to information about an issue of importance to them and be given the opportunity to be engaged in those activities and outcomes.

Our Goals

ROI Connect is an essential tool for our users who wish to reach farther into their communities and industries and inspire change, feedback and communities of practices that benefit all.

Through ROI Connect you will be able to:

      • Launch community projects and pages devoted to your project that the whole community can interact with!
      • Accelerate good ideas through the creation of groups and discussion forums around particular projects or topics of interests!
      • Map out project timelines and goals to make engagement with your community convenient!
      • Create critical points of survey and feedback from the community!