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Krystal Brideau

Native Gardener

A Registered Nurse and Diabetes Educator passionate about conservation and promoting mini ecosystems.


Change Makers

Backyard Ecosystems

Connecting a community of like-minded individuals by facilitating the planting native plants in gardens of Huron County. Encouraging community members to shrink their lawns, and learn the beautiful art of native plant gardening and the incredible connection that they have with the local food webs. Interested community members will have access to a native plant seed library, and will have the opportunity to enter their gardens into a photo contest to encourage participation, connection and engagement.


"If half of American lawns were replaced with native plants, we would create the equivalent of a 20 million acre national park, nine times bigger than Yellowstone, or 100 times bigger than Shenandoah National Park."

Douglas Tallamy

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