Meet Change Maker Ivana Costantino from the Northern Ontario region of Sudbury. With a passion for health-advocacy in rural & remote Northern Ontario, “I hope to inspire community engagement through innovative socially accountable projects.” Ivana is also part of the Young Rural Resilient Project, a movement that inspires, informs and discovers change opportunities with rural and remote youth throughout Ontario!

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The Young Rural Resilient Project is undertaking a listening tour to gain a deeper understanding of where rural youth are at since the Pandemic. Many non-profits and communities observed a sharp decline in rural youth engagement during and since the Pandemic. This project aims to help us understand why. How rural youth have changed and been impacted by recent events and what they need to build belonging, inclusion, understanding, change and opportunity in their communities. The outcomes of this project will help inform leadership programming and community development opportunities through ROI’s Rural Change Maker program, in partnership with youth and the communities they call home.

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Ivana Constantino

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Ivana Costantino, YRR Ambassador

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