Rural Change Makers

Rule your adventure with the 2021 Rural Change Makers program.

ROI is gearing up to unveil the 2023 Rural Change Maker Program packed full of rich leadership skills training, experiential learning activities, exciting new community development frameworks, tools and youth exchange opportunities! Rural Change Makers and emerging leaders have been engaged with evaluation and co-design of the 2023 Rural Change Maker leadership program to reach farther into Rural Ontario communities and discover ways to wrap opportunities for leadership, growth, inclusion and belonging around the aspirations of rural, remote and Indigenous youth. Program details will be announced early 2023 and recruitment opened for the upcoming year.  Up to 30 motivated young adults, between the ages of 18-35, will be selected from rural Ontario to mobilize action around issues important to their communities. As a group, these leaders will discover the confidence and capacity for community change making.

Help support the next generation of leaders in rural Ontario by becoming a program partner, mentor or sponsor. Inspire action on community projects and guide ambitions to lead!

Sponsor the Rural Change Maker Program and give rural youth the gift of freedom to be “future-focused” on tackling rural issues!

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Visit the Rural Ontario Institute to apply to be the next rural change maker! Applications for the 2023 Rural Change Makers Program will be open in the New Year.

In case you missed it! Catch our latest project updates about the Young Rural Resilient Movement, a project of the Rural Change Maker Program.

Thank you Rural Change Maker Partners

Melanie Bidiuk

Who's Listening

Melanie Bidiuk

ROI Program Coordinator

RCM Program Timeline

Oct-Nov 2022


Designed Alliance

Co-Designing Change

Grow the next generation of leaders by becoming a Rural Change Maker program partner, mentor or sponsor! Inspire action on existing community projects in your portfolio or guide ambitions to lead new ones. Sponsor the Rural Change Maker program and give young change makers the gift of freedom to be future-focused on tackling rural issues with less worry about foundation financial resources.

Jan-Apr. 2023


Becoming Change

Join the conversation and discover new opportunities for growth, leadership and belonging as we unviel a re-designed program plan for the Rural Change Makers Program.

Program Impact

  • Skill Development 93% 93%
  • Increased Rural Retention 72% 72%
  • Making a Difference 78% 78%
  • Increased Community Connectedness 91% 91%