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Rural Housing Information System

The Rural Ontario Institute (ROI), Eastern Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (EOWC) and IT firm, Itergy, are partnering to address a housing shortfall in Eastern Ontario through the creation of an innovative digital tool that will support municipalities in the planning and construction of new affordable housing.

To address the rural housing information gap, partners are developing a solution that will harness data through an easy-to-use public dashboard, that will include:

  • demographic trends (population, growth, age and income)
  • average home and market rental information
  • available zoned land
  • building costs (development charges and parkland fees)
  • available incentives like municipal grants or loans
  • housing assets and amenities
  • and local organizations available for collaboration.

This project is funded through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Housing Supply Challenge, with rollout of the tool expected for the Spring of 2023.

Rural Housing Information System –Design plan feedback and data survey

Please review the design plan PowerPoint presentation before completing this survey. The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete.

Assessing the economic development implications of the pandemic on Ontario’s rural communities, from population growth to housing and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in rural migration, demand for rural housing and rural house prices. The trend is not unique to Ontario and there are reports of similar trends occurring across Canada and the United States. This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss and better understand these trends and their economic development implications.

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“The tool aims to provide local, reliable, salient, and current rural data to assist municipalities and proponents with the creation of affordable housing solutions,” said Marcia Wallace CAO, Prince Edward County and EOWC project co-lead.

“The COVID pandemic has led to significant increases in rural migration, demand for rural housing and a rural housing crisis,” said ROI Executive Director Ellen Sinclair. “What has been a long standing concern in large urban centres is quickly becoming a concern for rural areas.”

“This digital tool is anticipated to be a game changer and incredibly useful for rural municipalities to find and secure affordable housing opportunities more easily,” said Brenda Orchard, Lennox and Addington CAO and EOWC housing project co-lead.

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The development of this tool will require input from municipalities and other stakeholders. This input will be critical for ensuring that the tool functions as intended in addressing the rural housing information gap.



Stakeholder Engagement

ROI and Itergy will be working with EOWC municipalities to develop and test this tool throughout 2022. The objective of user testing is to ensure the tool meets the  needs of stakeholders in the rural housing market.

Jun 1-3


Rural & Remote Housing Symposium

Hosted by the Rural Development Network, virtually.

Aug. 14-17


AMO Annual Conference

In person conference in Ottawa.

Sept. 14-16


Eastern Ontario Municipal Conference

In person conference in Cornwall.

Nov. 22


National Housing Day Symposium

Nov 22, 2022, National Housing Day Symposium hosted by the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association.

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